App Control

This mode is designed to be used in combination with “switch accessible” apps in IOS (that use Space and Enter as switch inputs) or with third-party scanning software in Mac and Windows computers.

When the Tecla Shield is ready for connection, the status indicator light should be blinking blue.  If you are not sure how to change modes check here:Mode Change Instructions.

1. Pair and connect the Tecla Shield DOS with the desired device or computer. The steps to follow for pairing depend on what type of device you are connecting to. Please see one of the following web links to connect your Tecla Shield:

  • Mac OS Bluetooth Pairing Process:

  • Windows Bluetooth Pairing Process:

  • iOS Bluetooth Pairing Process:

2. Assign the control keystrokes in the target software. 

In App Control mode, the Tecla Shield DOS provides the following keystrokes every time a switch is pressed:

SP 1  Space Bar
SP 2 Enter
ECU 1 (Forward) F11
ECU 2 (Back) F12
ECU 3 (Left) Mouse Left Click
ECU 4 (Right) Mouse Right Click


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