How do I change which mode the Tecla Shield is in?

Select the Tecla Shield mode according to the target device. The - and + buttons are recessed into the case to prevent accidental selection. It is easiest to press them using small pointed objects such as a 1/8” switch plug or a pen. Press and hold the – or + button. The status indicator light will first start blinking rapidly and then change colour indicating that has it has successfully switched to a different mode (consult Understanding the Status Indicator Light for additional details). Repeat this process until you are in the appropriate mode for your target device.

Now you can connect your Tecla Shield. Once you are in the correct mode that you would like to be in, wirelessly connect your Tecla Shield to your device. Please see one of the following web links to connect your Tecla Shield:

  • Mac OS Bluetooth Pairing Process:

  • Windows Bluetooth Pairing Process:

  • iOS Bluetooth Pairing Process:

  • Android Bluetooth Pairing Process: 

Watch the video demonstration here.




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