Tecla App Soft Remote

The remote screen is a fully configurable soft remote where you can create buttons for shortcuts to control device functions and external services and appliances. Options available are:

  • Shortcuts: phone speed dials, SMS and email templates, launching apps
  • Device functions: volume control
  • External services and devices: Harmony activities, IFTTT applets, Alexa voice service.

To create a button, Follow these steps:

1. Open the tecla-e app on your device. If you are not on the Remote screen, click on the menu icon in the top right corner and select Remote.

Menu.png  IMG_0046.png

2. On the Remote screen, there are 3 pages where you can add buttons. To create a button on the first page, make sure page number 1 is selected.


3. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a button with a lock. This will unlock your remote to be able to add, delete, and make changes to your remote buttons.


4. Once you have unlocked the Remote, click on the plus icon to add a new button. A new window will open with the multiple options of buttons you can create.

 AddButton.png   IMG_0053.PNG

5. To create a button to call a contact, click on Call contact option on the screen under Featured or Call Management. This will open a screen with your contact numbers.

 callContact.png  contacts.png

6. Select the person you want to call. In the summary window, you have the option of testing the button or select finish to finalize the button. When you press finish, you will see the button you just created on the soft remote screen.

 selectContacts.png   finishbutton.png 

7. Press the Lock button at the bottom of the screen to lock the Remote after you are done adding buttons. You will now see the soft remote with the button you created. 

LockChanges.png  Newbutton.png

8. To add other buttons to trigger basic phone commands like a text message, or email, as well as trigger activities on your Logitech hub, Alexa, or with IFTT devices, repeat steps 1-4 and select the button you will like to create.  

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