Un-pair tecla-e from all Bluetooth devices

If you would like to clear all your tecla-e Bluetooth connections, follow the steps below. Keep in mind that as soon as you clear the connections, tecla-e won't be able to connect to any Bluetooth device until you pair to a device.

Step 1

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Turn off tecla-e All lights off, no sounds

Step 2 

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Target Device

Open the Bluetooth menu, select more information from tecla-e and select “Forget This Device”  

Step 3 

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Target Device

Turn Bluetooth Off  

Step 4

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Target Device

Repeat steps 2&3 for each device you have paired with tecla-e  

Step 5

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tecla-e Turn on tecla-e, moving the 3-way switch to the middle positioned indicated by (I) tecla-e indicator light will go on and a sounds will play indicated that is ready.


Slide and hold 3-way switch to the left position (Gear) for 20 seconds


 Ignore the pairing tone at 5-sec, Tecla-e status light will flash red 3 times, and play a downwards tri tone to denote that it has been reset.


Turn tecla-e device on and off

tecla-e will restart and be ready to paired again


  • Try resetting the tecla-e a second or third time.


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