Pair tecla-e to multiple Bluetooth devices

tecla-e can be paired with multiple Bluetooth devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc) and allows the user to switch between them.

Turning on tecla-e

Step 1

 Device  Description Feedback

Slide 3-way switch to the middle position (indicated by (I) )


Tecla-e status light turns on and pulses red, and startup sound (upwards tri-tone).Tecla-e will pulse yellow for a few seconds, then blue and will settle in solid blue when connection is successful


Troubleshooting: Charge the tecla-e


Pairing tecla-e to a Target Device

Step 1

Device Description Feedback

With the tecla-e on. Slide & hold the 3-way switch to the left position Indicated by a gear icon) for 5 seconds until you hear a fast beep.


tecla-e - Bluetooth pairing sound (fast beep), status light will go to pulsing orange. Pairing mode lasts for 30 seconds and if you initiate the pairing in a target device will timeout and search for previously paired devices.


  • Turn tecla-e off and then on again and then slide and hold switch to 3rd position for 5 seconds.
  • If you continue to experience difficulties, reset the tecla-e (see the last section)
  • Some Bluetooth devices may be trying to aggressively to connect to tecla-e and may prevent pairing with a new device, if you are unable to pair after a few attempts turn off Bluetooth in previously paired devices. 


Step 2

Device  Description Feedback
Target Device

Open Bluetooth menu on your device settings, select tecla-e to connect

A window asking you to pair should appear on your iOS device.

Tecla-e - will make a short ‘bluetooth connection’ melody

Target Device – shows tecla-e as ‘connected’ in Bluetooth menu.


  • Turn Bluetooth off and back on again on the target device.
  • If target device has been paired to tecla-e once before, be sure to forget the tecla-e in your device’s Bluetooth menu.
  • If you take too long to pair to the tecla-e, it may timeout, making a sound with the status light blinking red and go back to the previous status, connected to another device or not connected if not paired before

Step 3

Device  Description Feedback
Pair Tecla-e with additional Target Device

Repeat steps 1 & 2 for each new target device in the order you want to switch target devices.

See steps 1 & 2


  • You may need to toggle the target device Bluetooth on & off or turn the tecla-e on & off for the tecla-e to appear in the target device Bluetooth menu.
  • If you experience difficulty pairing with a new device, turn off Bluetooth in previously paired devices


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