Updating your Tecla Shield firmware - Mac OS

This page will help you upgrade the firmware in your Tecla Shield to the latest version 1.5 using a Mac computer. This version includes the following improvements:

  • Switch hold actions can now be enabled on App Control (blue) mode.
  • Compatibility with iOS 9 switch hold times
  • Android-mode battery level reporting when using the Tecla Next app.
  • 1 to 1 switch press/release events over USB


The upgrading tool requires a computer, internet connection, the Firefox web browser with the codebender extension installed. Also, keep a USB cable handy so you can connect your Tecla to your computer.


  1. Install the Firefox browser (if not installed): https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
  2. Download the codebender extension: https://codebender.cc/codebender.xpi (right click on link and select Save link as...), make sure you know where you are storing it.
  3. Install extension in Firefox: Go to Tools> Add-Ons
  4. Click Settings (Gear Icon) and select Install Add-on from File 
  5. Navigate to file, click Open 
  6. When prompt select Install, then Restart Now  
  7. Open the following in in Firefox: http://gettecla.com/pages/upgrade-your-tecla-shield (copy and paste if necessary)
  8. Turn your Tecla Shield and connect it to the computer with the included USB cable
  9. An alert may pop-up "A new network interface has been detected", click Cancel 
  10. Navigate to the bottom of the page and from the drop-down menu select the "usbmodem" option then click Upgrade my Tecla Shield! 
  11. The Tecla Shield will restart with the new firmware loaded!
  12. An alert may pop-up "A new network interface has been detected", click Cancel
  13. Disconnect the Tecla Shield. We recommend re-pairing it to the target device and re-set the switches in Switch Control(iOS) or Switch Access (Android)

Enjoy the new features!


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