Updating your Tecla Shield firmware - Mac OS

This page will help you upgrade the firmware in your Tecla Shield to the latest version 1.5 using a Mac computer. This version includes the following improvements:

  • Switch hold actions can now be enabled on App Control (blue) mode.
  • Compatibility with iOS 9 switch hold times
  • Android-mode battery level reporting when using the Tecla Next app.
  • 1 to 1 switch press/release events over USB


The upgrading tool requires a computer, internet connection, the Firefox ESR web browser with the codebender extension installed. Also, keep a USB cable handy so you can connect your Tecla to your computer.


Note: Do not connect the Tecla to the Computer right away. Wait until step #5. 

  1. Install the Firefox ESR browser in your computer. You will need to update the Firefox browser to ESR if you already have Firefox installed. 
  2. Open the following in Firefox: Tecla Shield Upgrade page (copy and paste if necessary)
  3. Install the extension from the Tecla Shield Upgrade page link in Firefox.
  4. When prompt select Install, then Restart Now  
  5. Turn on your Tecla Shield and connect it to the computer with the included USB cable
  6. An alert may pop-up "A new network interface has been detected", click Cancel 
  7. Use the drop-down menu on the Tecla Shield Upgrade page to select the "usbmodem" option then click Upgrade my Tecla Shield! 
  8. After a successful upgrade, your device will flash in various colors until settling down in white (Switch Control mode).
  9. The Tecla Shield will restart with the new firmware loaded!
  10. An alert may pop-up "A new network interface has been detected", click Cancel
  11. Disconnect the Tecla Shield. We recommend re-pairing it to the target device and re-set the switches in Switch Control(iOS) or Switch Access (Android)

Enjoy the new features!


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