Updating your Tecla Shield firmware - Windows

This page will help you upgrade the firmware in your Tecla Shield to version 1.5 using a Windows computer. This version includes the following improvements:

  • Switch hold actions can now be enabled on App Control (blue) mode.
  • Compatibility with iOS 9 switch hold times
  • Android-mode battery level reporting when using the Tecla Next app.
  • 1 to 1 switch press/release events over USB


The upgrading tool requires a computer, internet connection, drivers for the Tecla Shield, and the Firefox web browser with the codebender extension installed. Also, keep a USB cable handy so you can connect your Tecla to your computer.


1. Download and install the drivers from here (respond "install" to all prompts). A codebender warning may appear after installation is finished, but it is safe to ignore it.

a. Save driver file.

b. Go to downloads and Install drivers


2. Download the codebender extension: https://codebender.cc/codebender.xpi (right click on link and select Save link as...)

a. Save file to local folder (i.e. Downloads folder)

b. Open Firefox and go to Menu and select Add-ons.

c. Go to the Add-ons Settings and select install Add-on from file and open file codebender.xpi.

d. Install plugin.

 3. Let Firefox restart and open the following link: http://gettecla.com/pages/upgrade-your-tecla-shield (copy and paste if necessary)

4. Plug in your Tecla to the computer using a USB cable.

5. Select the correct port on the drop-down list at the bottom of this page (Hint: 'com' on Windows) and start the upgrade!

6. After a successful upgrade, your device will flash in various colours until settling down in white (Switch Control mode). You can now unplug it from the computer.

7. Reconfigure Tecla as needed and reset its connection to the device(s) you want to control.

Enjoy the new features!



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