iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - 4-Way Mode (VoiceOver)

To start your Tecla Shield should be in 4-way Mode (blinking bright pink). If you are not sure how to change modes check here: Mode Change Instructions.

The 4-way mode takes advantage of VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reading technology. The Vertical Navigation rotor option in VoiceOver provides 4-way switch-based navigation of the user interface.

This mode is designed for joystick or 4 or more switches and does not have the advanced features of Switch Control like gesture emulation. For most users we recommend using Switch Control, you can find the set-up instructions here:


To set it up:

1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth. With Bluetooth enabled, you should see the Tecla Shield DOS listed under Devices as TeclaShieldDOS-XXXX (where XXXX is a random sequence). Click on it. TeclaShieldDOS-XXXX  should be under MY DEVICES and the status should change to Connected.


2. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver. Make sure VoiceOver is On.


3. Scroll down to the Rotor option. Un-check all Rotor options except Vertical Navigation; it should have a check mark to the right, as shown below.


4. Start controlling your iPhone or iPad using your adapted switches or the driving control of your powered wheelchair

5. Enable triple-click Home shortcut (optional) to toggle between touch mode and switch-access mode at any time. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut  and select VoiceOver.



  • The table below presents a summary of functions for the wheelchair port. Access through the wheelchair port is optimized for three and four switches through a directional controller (e.g., joystick) or the driving controls of a powered wheelchair.


Wheelchair Port Functions (iOS 4-Way Mode)
Function Forward (Pin1) Reverse (Pin2) Left (Pin3) Right (pin4)
Click Up  Down  Left Right 
Hold 1  Select Escape / Dismiss  Previous Page Next Page 
Hold 2  Toggle Kyboard Home Toggle QuickNav Toggle QuickNav
Hold 3  Change Rotor Option Siri     
Hold 4  Siri       
Hold 5         
Hold 8   Toggle QuickNav Toggle Speech Output  Toggle Speech Output  Toggle Speech Output
Double Click  Scan Lock Up Scan Lock Down Scan Lock Left Scan Lock Right


  • The Tecla Shield uses click and hold switch events to achieve full access to the iPhone and iPad with as little as a single button switch. The table below presents a summary of functions for switch ports 1 and 2 (referred to as SP-1 and SP-2).


Switch Port 1/2 Functions (iOS 4-Way Mode)
Function SP-1 (full single-switch access) SP-2 (App single-switch access) 
Click Auto-scan start/toggle direction Select
Hold 1 Select  
Hold 2 Toggle Keyboard  
Hold 3 Toggle rotor Option  
Hold 4 Escape / Dismiss  
Hold 5  Home  
Hold 6 Siri  
Hols 8  Toggle QuickNav Toggle Speech Output



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