How can I use the Tecla Shield with my computer?

The Tecla Shield can also be used with computers (Mac and Windows) in 3 different modes.

  1. App Control (blue) - You can use the Tecla Shield as a switch interface for scanning software that uses Space and Enter as switch inputs and, with the the multiple switch adapter,  F11, F12, mouse left and right click. 
  2. Mouse Keys (aqua) - You can use a joystick, wheelchair control or multiple switch connected to the wheelchair port to control the mouse pointer. Clicking can be done with additional switches or swell software like Dragger (Windows) or Keystrokes (Mac)
  3. Switch Control (purplish white) - Only for Mac. Mac OS now has a built-in Switch Control feature and it's compatible with the Tecla Shield.

To set up your Tecla Shield with your computer:

  1. Select and change your mode
  2. If using Mouse Keys: Mac | Windows
  3. If using Switch Control with Mac OS 
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