What equipment do I need?

To access your phone or tablet with the Tecla Shield, you’ll need three things:

  1. Your chosen device. Choose from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android device or computer.
  2. A Tecla Shield. This portable device lets you control your phone, tablet or computer using assistive devices, like switches or wheelchair driving controls.
  3. Your assistive input devices. You can use a variety of assistive devices to control your phone or tablet depending on your abilities. We categorize them as ability switches or wheelchair driving controls:

Ability Switches:
Simple devices that range from simple buttons to sensors that you can activate by blowing or blinking. Here are some examples of Switches.

For quick and easy setup, we offer Tecla Kits which include everything you need to use your phone or tablet with a switch or joystick:

If you would like to use the Tecla Shield with more than two switches but do not feel comfortable using a joystick, you will need a Multiple Switch Adapter.

Wheelchair Driving Controls: If you want to use your wheelchair driving controls to access your phone, tablet or computer, your wheelchair must have an Environmental Control Unit (ECU) or Input/Output Module (IOM). You could use your joystick, chin joystick, head array, sip and puff control if the chair has this accessory.

Contact your wheelchair vendor if you are not sure about this feature. For more information visit Wheelchair Driving Controls.

If your chair has an ECU or IOM, the Tecla Wheelchair Kit has all you need to set it up.


Depending on where and when you will be using your device, you might also need a mount for your Tecla Shield or phone. This is handy to attach your device to your chair, bed or desk:



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