Tecla & IFTTT


IFTTT is a free online platform that allows you to create “applets”, recipes that can connect various services together. Tecla is a service that can be used to trigger events in other services, many smart home devices are services in IFTTT. With IFTTT you can also control lights and lamps from Philips Hue and other appliances like fans or heaters with something like WeMo switches.

You can create buttons in the Tecla App that can be used as triggers when creating applets in the IFTTT platform once the Tecla app and IFTTT have been linked. 

You can linked the tecla app with IFTTT by clicking the prompt after you create a button or using this link:



To create an IFTTT button, follow these steps:

1. At the bottom of the Soft Remote screen, you will see a button with a lock. This will unlock your remote to be able to add, delete, and make changes to your remote buttons.


3. Once you have unlocked the Remote, click on the plus icon to add a new button. A new window will open with the multiple options of buttons you can create. Select IFTTT on the button options. 

 AddButton.png     IFTTT.png

4. Label the IFTTT button based on the activity you want to do. Then save the button by pressing finish. 

Screenshot_20171219-174805.png   Screenshot_20171219-174819.png

5. Go to the IFTTT App. On My Applets, add a new Applet. 


6. Tap on "+this" and search for Tecla service. Tap on the Tecla service. 

 Screenshot_20171219-173356.png    Screenshot_20171219-173420.png

7. You can select to create an activity from an App button or a Switch action on tecla-e. If you create an App button, you will be able to go to your soft Remote on the app and activate the IFTTT button. Tap on App Button pressed.



8. The IFTTT app will prompt you to connect to your Tecla App account. Enter your Tecla account credentials to connect the service. 


9. After you enter your credentials, tap again on "App Button Pressed" and select the button that you created in the Tecla App (Step 4). 

Screenshot_20171219-173440.png    Screenshot_20171219-174323.png

10. Tap on "+ that" and select the service and activity you want to activate with the Tecla app button.  

 Screenshot_20171219-174334.png   Screenshot_20171219-174406.png


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