Tecla and Amazon's Alexa

In the Tecla app you can create buttons that will allow you to interact with Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa.

You can create a button that will bring the Alexa voice service interface so you can tell Alexa what to do as if you were using the Echo Hardware, or you can create buttons with specific commands that will be send to Alexa when you select that button on the remote screen.

The 2nd option is useful if Alexa can't or has a hard time understanding you or if you have difficulty remembering the exact words you have to use for commands.

Skills that have been added to Alexa will work but there is no access to streaming media (Amazon Music, Spotify, Audiobooks).

You will be prompt to add in your Amazon credential to access the Alexa account. Make sure you have your Alexa account ready before creating this button. 

Follow these steps to create an Alexa button:

1. Turn on the Alexa option on the Account Settings. Enter your credentials to connect your account. 



2. At the bottom of the Soft Remote screen, you will see a button with a lock. This will unlock your remote to be able to add, delete, and make changes to your remote buttons.


2. Once you have unlocked the Remote, click on the plus icon to add a new button. A new window will open with the multiple options of buttons you can create.

 AddButton.png  Alexa1.png

3. You have the option of sending a Command to Alexa or Talking to Alexa. If you select "Talk to Alexa", the Alexa voice service will appear when you press the button and you'll say your command.


4. If you choose "Command Alexa" you'll type down the command you want Alexa to perform every time you press the button. For example: " Turn TV on" or "What's the weather today?".

AlexaCommand.png   AlexaTalk.png

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