Using multiple Bluetooth devices

You can switch between multiple Bluetooth devices that have been paired to your tecla-e. The order in which they will switch will be in the same order they were paired to your tecla-e. Follow these steps to switch between your devices:

Step 1

Device Description  Feedback

Press and hold the built-in switch (E), or a switch connected to any of the ports for 3 seconds*

tecla-e will search for another device in the order that they were paired, if it doesn’t find it within 15 seconds it will search for the next one in the list

*By default all switches will switch devices in long-press (3 seconds), this can be changed in the tecla-e/ switches section of the tecla app, once you assigned long-press in a switch to do something else that switch no longer switch devices

Tecla-e status light will blink once in orange and tecla will make a short high-pitched ‘beep’.

Once connected to the new target device, tecla-e will make  Bluetooth connection sound.

The status light will be solid green.


  • If there is a delay in switching, it may be a result of the tecla-e looking for a device out of range
  • If your target device is not responding, make sure the accessibility service (iOS Switch Control or Android's Switch Access) is turned on and set up.
  • If it appears that the tecla-e is ‘stranded’ between devices, try turning it off and on to see if it will connect to a device and try switching again.

Step 2

Device Description  Feedback
Target Device

The previous target device will be disconnected and the next paired target device will be connected

Next target device will be responsive to tecla-e switch input.


  • Check to see if Bluetooth on the target device is operating properly


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