I am using an Android Device but the Tecla Shield is not connecting

In older versions of Android (5 and below) the Tecla Access app was required, the app managed the connection between the Android device and Tecla. In newer version of Android (6 and above) you connect the Tecla Shield directly in the Bluetooth settings. 

Here you can find more information on compatible devices:

Android Compatibility

Set-up process:

If you are using the built-in Switch Access feature found in devices running Android 6 or 7 (Nexus and Pixel deliver the most accessible experience) or Samsung devices with the built-in Universal Switch feature:

  • The Tecla Access app is not required
  • Pair your Tecla device in the appropriate mode, Switch Control or Mouse Keys, in the Bluetooth settings
  • Assign your switch in the accessibility settings.

For detail instructions, check the following documents:

For phones with Switch Access:

Android 6 and 7 Nexus and Pixel-recommended

For phones with Universal Switch (Samsung):

Samsung Android 6X


If you are using an older Android device (5 and earlier) you’ll need the Tecla Access app:

  • Download and install the Tecla Access apps from the Google Play Store
  • Make the Tecla Access keyboard you default input method
  • Pair your Tecla Shield in Android mode (green light)
  • Connect to the Tecla Shield through the Tecla Access settings

For detailed instructions, check the following document:

Android 5x and earlier with Tecla Access app

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